Old Age Playstationer crosses the floor


I’ve never really had a PC that I could use for games before.  I carried on using an Amiga for far longer than most people. So for the last 10 years or so I’ve played games on Playstation and used computers for work.  It was a fair distinction, it stopped a certain amount of procrastination, and provided a level-playing field for online play.  Now I finally find myself in a situation where my computer is better than my console.

I had made a deal that I was allowed to buy a Playstation 3 when I submitted my PhD thesis. Sony and I then engaged in a game of chicken. Each of us announced delay after delay until finally Sony broke and actually released the console. I had won. Or lost. Or something. The PS3 remains, I think, surprisingly expensive compared to the Green Other. Shrewdly, I went mental and ran away from my PhD. This does mean the I haven’t submitted anything, so feel that I am not really entitled to a PS3. I might instigate a new deal with myself about that later.

A deal I did make with myself was that I would build a nifty pooter as soon as I made some money from some job or other.  Like so many unemployed roboticists before me I found work as an archer in a Robin Hood film, so thanks to Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott I finally made the dosh to build my lovely Monster.  So now I have a decent PC that can actually run games that are worth running, and having been on the other side of the gaming pond for a while, I’m interested to see what’s here.


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