Art, horror, frustration.


Or do I mean terror? I’m sure I’ve had a long rambling discussion with several folks about the distinction between terror and horror. However, that may not really be relevant. Hey, not being relevant could be what this here blog ting is all about.

Right. Subject matter, that’s what’s important hongu. As in, what is the subject of this post. I’m actually going to talk about Terry Cavanagh’s Judith. Hey, did you like the way I said “Terry Cavanagh” then as if we all know who he is? Actually “he” is really a “she” shows what you know. Well, actually I think he’s a he. With or without quotation marks, in all honesty I have little to no idea. What I gather though is that he/she/it write VIDEO GAMES FOR THE COMPUTAMABOB, which is relevant to my interests. MEME!

Dr T.Cavanagh is in the news this week because of new game called VVVVVV which seems like Jet Set Willy with a lot of save points. When I say “in the news” I mean that I read a post about it on Rock Paper Shotgun Interesting stuff there about issues surrounding difficulty and frustration. That’s one of the central issues in gaming really. If it’s a pain in the arse it’s not fun. If it’s too easy it’s not really a game. Issues of grind, wage-slavery, I paid for this I want fun, if it’s not a challenge it’s not fun nyarrnyarrr let’s have a paragraph break.

Welcome back! Before the paragraph break I was telling you about VVVVVV but I was NOT telling you about my internal argument about how to format the title of that game, and all other ones that I may write about. Oh well, that’ll help with the inconsistency, and I can get angry about it later, and that will help with the violence. BLOG POST MUST MAKE BLOG POST. So in that RPS post I linkied to about VVVVVV they mention that Terry Cavanagh has previously written more sort of arty games that are less pixel-perfect frenetic. They’re also a lot more free than VVVVVV so that’s a definite bonus. I click and so on to see what’s the score with Judith, and am happy to see that it’s free and SHORT.

Judith looks like olde worlde FPSsss like DOOM or Wolfenstein. Do you know what they are? Nevermind. It’s really lo-res and may not really be a game. It’s definitely interactive fiction. Whatever that means. It definitely manages to convey a sense of suspense and terror or horror or something. It’s flawed in some ways yes, but it was a really good way to spend the time waiting for dinner to be ready. Otherwise I’d have watched some policemen with dogs on the telly. I mean, I like dogs and everything, but filler low culture. Judith might be high culture. It might be, like, good for you. It’s definitely let me feel like I am being a good consumer of culture without having to pay anything, or go to Shoreditch. Certainly within the sphere of VIDEO GAMES it’s high art, and yet it’s still entertaining! Go figure. Actually, go download

Judith was co-written with Stephen Lavelle who I seem not to have mentioned until just then.


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