Blog titles


I spent ages thinking of a title for this blog. I dunno how happy I am in the end. Not sure if “Intelligence Artificer” would have been better. It’s really hard to think of a title that isn’t a pun or up it’s own arse. So now let’s play the game again.

I know some people who I would like to get to write posts about games. This blog was supposed to be about me and things I do and develop. I’m not really just supposed to scream and rage about stuff. I’m supposed to talk about neat algorithms I’m developing and PhP design patterns and that. So I want to start a team blog. So that needs a new name.

I love Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Citizen Game is alright, Idle Thumbs is great. All puns. Consolevania? Pun. Gamasutra? Pun. There’s good and there’s bad. Eurogamer is just descriptive I hope, and not supposed to be “you’re a gamer”. As for my own title, by the time I’d thought of “Lewd Icarus” it was time for a lie down. “Ludo Cress”? er.. we are the offshoots of the cotton wool revolution. Um, but about games?

Then what about not punning, but just using a jargon style phrase as is. Splash Damage are a development house, ragdoll physics, er… collision detection? Problem with your unique googlability of course. Infinite lives seemed like a good name for a blog about different games writted by different people about the many lives that we all can lead in many games and so on… Yes, that’s why it’s taken.

The other night I found myself moving from the pun to the pretentious. My dad used to say that the latin for “I hear, I see, I learn” would be “Audio Video Disco”, so I found myself wondering about “Ludo Scribo Disco” I tried concatenating to Scribodiscoludo or Scriboludodisco or Ludoscribodisco or Ludodiscoscribo. I am reliably informed these seem like gibberish. I thought that maybe “Ludo Disco” was enough. It was only then that I realised that my favourite “Ludo Scribo Disco” has nice initials. Try pronouncing it all stupidly too, Lu-Dos-cribod-isco. Or summat.

Pure pretentious is half a classic quotation and an ellipsis… I looked up loads of quotes. Best I found really was “Nothing is sacred to a gamester” Bernard Joseph Saurin 1706-1781, French Dramatist. Apparently. Not exactly famous enough really, and can hardly call the blog “Nothing is sacred…” Might as well go the whole cryptic hog and call it “Holy Zero”.

I’ll leave the comments open as per usual. Ahem.


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