Video Gamers have our own unicorn chaser!


In all honesty, I wanted to post something miserable just so I could post this:

Robot Unicorn Attack

It’s truly truly awesome and has genuinely made my household happy today. Ooh not shown it to Stevie He loved Canabalt and this is like (indiehitmusthaveplayed)Canabalt crossed with Rainbow Brite. With a horn. It didn’t just make us happy, it actually made /v/ happy! The amount of time I’ve wasted on 4chan, and when something good happens all I can do is read about it after the event on Encyclopedia Dramatica like everyone else.

The music matches the gameplay really well.  The double jump speed is in time with the music in a really pleasing way.   Hey, you want synchronicity? Go look at here and wait for the first line… Parallel Lines That’s Ambilight tech simulation er… see Ambx post below.

Far more importantly…

Robot Unicorn Attack!

Robot Unicorn Attack!!

Robot Unicorn Attack!!!


2 Responses to “Video Gamers have our own unicorn chaser!”

  1. […] I wonder if Robot Unicorn Attack is one of those internet phenomenado-dooo-do-doo-doo that has actually only just started. I mean […]

  2. ME AGAIN said

    I got all excited that there was a pingback, but it’s from me. Oh well. There’s going to be a few more where that came from I can tell you. Well, I’m certainly going to post at least one more thing about RUA…

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