Robot Unicorn Attack – just the beginning?


I wonder if Robot Unicorn Attack is one of those internet phenomenado-dooo-do-doo-doo that has actually only just started. I mean it’s finally been on BoingyBoingy and everything. I always think I’m late to the party, but hey maybe not.

The comments have several people asking for the name of the song, and several right answers. Yeah, several times people ask and answer the same question, on the same thread. You know this whole generation of kids who’ve grown up with the net and yeah they’ll “get” it in a way that we old people never could yeah? It’s like in their DNA, they *are* the net generation? Yeah? How come they can’t fucking google? I mean, Yahoo! Answers is full of stupid questions that people could have got the answers for far quicker by using, ooh I dunno… Yahoo! As for the people who actually post “answers” which say “i dun no! lol” oooh… grrrr. GRRRR. (Yes you old git, it’s because the social interaction and validation is more important than finding out the actual answer in the most efficient way. They ask for directions because they want to talk to someone, not because they can’t read a map. Although they can’t.)

How can such grumpy stress be defused?
[ plays RUA… ]

Obviously this post could be the kiss of death to the idea but hey, maybe off the back of this Erasure will have a small hit, and be on talk shows explaining that it all comes back to Robot Unicorn Attack. Of course these days you don’t need to re-release the single. It’s there on Amazon for 89p or itunes or whatever. I await the “Let’s get Erasure Always 2009 remix to number 1!!!” FaceBook group. Although Vince might consider renaming it “Robot Unicorn Attack Song” if he really wants to storm the charts…


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