Spoiler Alert!


FFS now RPS is making me spend money on music.

Just as an aside KG mentions that blokey from Art Brut has done a side project about superheroes. I go look. I listen – for free – to all the tracks. Over and over.  I find myself captivated by Spoiler Alert! and have actually spent real internet monies on their fantastic EP. I now love Booster Gold, of whom previously I had indeed “never heard”.   Yeah… they deserved my money, but they got it cos they didn’t make me give it to them. Odd innit?

Cover art for the EP by Spoiler Alert

Anyway, it can’t be Eddie Argos from Art Brut –according to his blog he’s far too busy.

I am also currently the top scorer on all three tracks of that EP on Audiosurf.  That makes me happy.  I am less happy that it’s cos I am the only person who’s played them.  Curse you’seresreress.


Some time later I got an email saying I’d been dethroned on Audiosurf and no longer held the high score for Booster Gold.  I mean, hooray that someone else played it, but still.  I’ve won that back now.  I missed that I’d been beaten on Blue Beetle as well.  At first I thought that maybe it was because I’d posted about it, and that maybe my blogging was having an influence on the world.  No, of couse not.  It was bloody Kieron Gillen again.  I wondered at first if it was him that had actually beaten my scores.  No, of course not.  He just subtly influences his minions by mentioning the band in The Sunday Papers on RPS.


One Response to “Spoiler Alert!”

  1. Doggy said

    Hang on. Aren’t you supposed to be writing about artificial intelligence in games? Didn’t you go to that AIGameDev conference in Paris? You’d have thought that’s the sort of thing you’d write about.

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